epiphany –> reality

Phase II

Well, that escalated quickly.

I was working the build and getting rid of stuff when I found an opportunity to transfer to far west Texas.  I go went fulltime in the campervan as of Aug 14th, 2018.  We will see how this adventure goes.


Phase I

I’ve finally figured out what my brain has been back-burnering all my life, what all these weird interests and experiences were about:

  • a love for small, organized spaces like solo sailboats
  • a love for the outdoors
  • frugality
  • personal secession
  • MGTOW (or rather “FGHOW” – Frater going his own way)
  • an intense desire for solitude
  • a fascination with repurposed spaces for living
  • tiny homes
  • self-sufficiency/preparedness
  • solar geekery
  • often heard saying “I could live in that
  • built a large kindle ebook collection

I realised everything is coming together for a capstone adventure:  a boondocking retirement in the American Southwest.

I am working out the plan over the next few years.